Bamako is the capital city of Bamako.  Bamako is located on Western Africa and economically is very fragile due internal crisis and sanctions from other countries. Also political system in the country is not stable and its very common or possible to see coups against ruling government conducted by a group of Army,

But, despite all things mentioned above people in Bamako are friendly and try to enjoy their daily life. Music is one of the most common value and activity in the city. If you walk around the city you can find many people singing or playing their traditional instruments. Especially traditional markets are the most suitable place for performing kind of activities.

Markets in Bamako are also the meeting points for the people and most of social activities are occurs in this areas. Below you may find video which is recorded one of the biggest Markets in Bamako. When you see the video it will be very clear that there is need lots of improvement in this kind of areas, especially to protect health of citizen. Enjoy watching our videos and please add comment below.

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