A 500-year-old historical temple collapsed in Chiang Mai city of Thailand, which could not withstand heavy rains and wind. Part of the pagoda of the 500-year-old historical temple, Wat Srisuphan Silver, collapsed at noon in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which was experiencing a severe monsoon season. After the night storm, after the monks on duty reported that there was a crack in the temple’s pagoda building, security measures were taken around the temple, and a possible disaster was averted.

As the temple pagoda split in two as a result of the crack that widened within hours, it was seen that many people were around the temple to watch the possible collapse.

Thailand Meteorology Department reported that the effects of Typhoon Nuro would be seen between September 29 and October 1 for the city of Chiang Mai, where the incident took place, and gave a severe storm warning.

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