Thousands of people in Prague, the capital of Czechia, protested the government’s energy policies and demanded his resignation. Representatives of many political parties also took part in the demonstration.

Thousands of Czechs gathered in Prague’s Wenceslas Square to protest the policies of Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s government. The protest demonstration in Prague with the slogan “Czech First” was organized by a group that defined themselves as “citizens independent of politics”.

In addition to political party representatives, presidential candidates Hynek Blasko and Josef Skala, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Prague University of Economics Miroslav Sevcik, former Chamber of Agriculture President Zdenek Jandejsek, Danish politician Mads Palsving and German Member of Parliament Christine Andersonova also took part in the demonstration.


Czech Republic should leave the EU and NATO

Demonstrators criticized the government’s approach to limit energy prices, while demanding that the Czech Republic sign direct gas supply contracts with Russia at low prices, leave the European Union (EU), NATO and the World Health Organization (WHO), and become a neutral country. The demonstrators claimed that the Czech Republic would experience gas shortages due to wrong energy policies, which would lead to food problems. Ladislav Vrabel, one of the organizers, said in his speech, “The government should resign immediately, a new election should be held and a government composed of pro-national experts should come to power.”

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