Spider-Man was released on August 1, 1962, along with the Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book by Marvel Comics’ Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. No one could have predicted that Spider-Man, which made a remarkable entry into the comic book world at that time, would become so famous.

Your neighborhood friend Spider-Man has been in our lives for 60 years!
The young hero, who had gained special powers, had attracted a lot of attention. Peter Parker, who had faced many difficulties at a young age, would also learn the hard way that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Spider-Man, who did not attract much attention at school, but integrated with his costume outside and helped people, soon became the focus of attention, especially among the young.

Spider-Man has appeared in many different forms in comics, cartoons, animations and movies over the past 60 years. Especially on television, we watched different Spider-Man with different interpretations. The Spider-Man series, published by Fox Kids in 1994, managed to be remembered with both its content and the legendary intro music.

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