Giethoorn is almost as famous as Amsterdam now. Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra shot the 1958 movie ‘Fanfare’ in this village. The village started to arouse curiosity when the movie was so popular. It has reached its current popularity, first in Europe and now all over the world thanks to social media. The people of Giethoorn made a living by gathering a plant known as swamp coal. The lakes and canals in the village emerged as the plant called ‘peat’ was collected. In the past, the village was only accessible via canals. Now there are plenty of flowery bike paths.
“It is impossible to choose the most beautiful house,” says our traveler Nurgül Büyükkalay.

There are also over 180 bridges connecting the islands. The biggest activity you will do in the village is boat tours. You have two options for traveling by boat; to rent a private boat that you can use or to join tour boats. Don’t worry if I don’t have a boat license, your car license is enough to drive a boat. If you wish, you can also rent a bicycle from the shop at the entrance of the village. But I think walking and boating is the best way to explore the village. You will not have such a long list of places to visit. It will take all of your time to pass by the houses by the river and watch it with fans.

The houses are so beautiful that we say to every house we come across, “This must be the most beautiful house in the village”. We had planned to choose the most beautiful house in Giethoorn and say to those who will come here, ‘You must see this house,’ but in vain. You realize that there is no such thing as the most beautiful house after seeing the chirpy houses by the river, decorated with flowers. Because each one has its own unique magic. The only vehicle sound you will hear in the village is the boats. There is no car entrance to the village, because there is no road. Even the bike paths were built later. Enjoying walking around Giethoorn without the hustle and bustle, we wandered among the souvenir shops and took frequent breaks in cafes and restaurants. There are several museums in the village that you can visit.

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