A Korean tourist in Istanbul got on a taxi with 34 TFF 53 plates used by AU to take him to his destination. The tourist, who was live on social media at that time, told the taxi driver the address he wanted to go to. Taxi Driver On the other hand, he asked the tourist for 200 liras for the 10-minute journey. Then the woman said that the taximeter was not on. However, the taxi driver refused to turn on the meter, repeating that there was a lot of traffic and that he would go for 200 liras. When the tourist woman found the price too high, she reduced it to 150 liras. She recorded those moments live by the Korean woman. A Turkish social media user, watching the footage, reacted to the situation by sharing the moments when taxi driver A.U. negotiated on his own account.

After the footage, the Presidency of the Chamber of Taxi Drivers and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Taxi Management Center, taxi driver A.U. initiated proceedings. Authorities who kept a report on A.U. banned the driver from driving a taxi for 20 days, and banned the taxi from traffic for 10 days. A.U. told the authorities about the incident, “I had family problems, I was confused. I had no ill intentions. I was negligent, I admit my mistake. It was learned that he said sorry.


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