The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested a retest of the Paxlovid drug used in the treatment of Covid-19 from the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the FDA announced that the Covid-19 tests, which were negative at first, and then turned positive again for the patients who were treated with Paxlovid, therefore demanded that the drug be retested.

US President Joe Biden, who tested positive for Kovid-19 on July 22, was also treated with a 5-day Paxlovid drug, and after the tests were negative, he returned to work on July 27.

However, his doctor, Kevin O’Connor, pointed out that some of the patients who used the drug Paxlovid in the treatment of Covid-19 had a situation where the tests turned positive again, and told Biden that they often tested.

After the test result on July 30 was positive again, Biden was put into quarantine again and left the quarantine on August 7 when the Covid-19 tests started to come back negative a week later.

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