Nusret Diso Ülkü, one of the important names of North Macedonian Turkish Literature, was born in 1938 in Prizren, a Muslim-Turkish city in Kosovo. He completed his primary and secondary education at his birthplace. He started to deal with writing while he was still in school. He published his first poems in “Sevinç” magazine and “Birlik” newspaper published in Macedonia’s capital, Skopje. Together with Necati Zekeriya, he published the children’s magazine “Bird” for children in Kosovo. When he moved to Skopje, he worked for a while in the magazines “Sevinç” and “Tomurcuk” and in the newspaper “Birlik”. At first he only wrote poetry. He then began to write stories. He published his first poems written for children in 1963 under the title of “Trees with Children”. Another poetry book called “I Will Say” was published. He collected the poems he wrote for children in the book “Children’s Hands”. In 1972, the books “Üçgen” and in 1974 “Ozan Diary” were published. Both books are books he wrote for adults. In 1977, “Tito Koçaklama” poems, “Kara İsmet” stories, and in 1978 and 1981, “From the Dereden Tepe”, poetry books for children were published. Nusret Diso Ülkü has many compilations and translations. His poems and translations have been published in Turkey. Nusret Diso Ülkü lived in Skopje.

Nusret Diso Ülkü was the Honorary Consul of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Skopje.

​Nusret Diso Ülkü started a “TÜRK ANAÇ PUBLISHING” activities within the body of the “Diso Compani” company he founded while dealing with trade in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. Among these publishing activities, he first published books for children. On behalf of Nusret Diso Ülkü Türk Anaç Publishing, which also started periodical publications; He has published the journals of Turkish Language and Literature Journal, Türk Kalemeri (2002), Macedonian Turkish Translators Union Translation Journal Türk Dilmaç (2002), Macedonian TRNC Friendship Association Journal Turkish Cyprus (2002). Nusret Diso Ülkü also published a children’s magazine called “Kardaş”.

Nusret Dişo Ülkü first collected and published his poems written for children in his book named Children’s Trees in the previous years (Skopje-1963), and then published his poetry book Children’s Hands (Skopje 1965). In this new book, he also included some of his poems from his first book. While making the second edition of the book “Children’s Hands” in 1973, our poet added some of his new poems while removing some of his poems from his book. This book also had its third edition in Skopje in 1990. It was last published last year from the New Balkan publications.

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