Coming to the historical Skopje Tefeyyüz Elementary School within the scope of the 21 December Turkish Education Day Program, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Prof. Dr. Before the opening, Mustafa Şentop and the accompanying delegation visited the Yucelciler Monument located at the entrance of the school and left carnations on the monument.

After the visit to the monument, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Prof. Dr. inaugurated the Computer Laboratory of the Skopje Tefeyyüz Elementary School, which was established with the support of TIKA. Dr. Mustafa Şentop and the accompanying delegation examined the work done by the students in the laboratory and received information from the authorities.

In the official program of the Turkish Education Day held on the evening of December 21, with the support of TIKA and organized by MATUSITEB, our Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the North Macedonian Parliament Talat Caferi, Deputy Prime Minister of North Macedonia Artan Grubi, Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia Mila Carovska, Republic of Turkey. Skopje Ambassador Hasan Mehmet Eightkök, Vice President of TIKA Dr. Mahmut Çevik, MATÜSİTEB President Hüsrev Emin, representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations in the country, senior bureaucrats, deputies, academics, teachers and students attended.

MATÜSİTEB President Hüsrev Emin, in his speech at the opening of the program, emphasized that today has an important place for the members of the Turkish society and celebrated the Turkish education day. Expressing his thanks to TIKA and the Republic of Turkey for their support, Emin underlined the place and importance of the Turkish population in North Macedonia.

TIKA Vice President Dr. Mahmut Çevik, in his speech at the ceremony held in Skopje with the support of TIKA on December 21, T.R. Culture and Tourism Minister Nuri Ersoy conveyed his greetings to North Macedonia. Emphasizing that they have implemented a significant part of the education projects implemented by TIKA in the world in North Macedonia, and that 55 of the 335 schools it has built in North Macedonia, Çevik said, “The Turkish language is the heart, mind, and sacred treasure of the Turkish nation.” made its assessment. We have built dozens of schools from the village of Form in Radovish to the village of Kocalı in Karbnitsi, the Yuksel district in Valandova, the village of Dilgaj in Jupa, the village of Gökçeli in Dojran, we have a common future as well as a common past. Cevik, who continued with the words “we will build together,”, finished his speech by thanking TIKA personnel who have contributed to the development of the country with the projects and activities that have been implemented for 16 years.

T.R. Skopje Ambassador Hasan Mehmet Eightkök stated that he is pleased to come together to celebrate the Turkish Education Day in North Macedonia, the heart of the Balkans, which has hosted unique cultural riches throughout history, and said that North Macedonia, with its language, religion, literature, music, architecture, traditions and customs, of the Turkish society. He stated that it enriches the cultural texture of the lands and is the unifying and integrating mortar of these lands.

Mila Carovksa, Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia, emphasized that education in mother tongue is a fundamental right, not a privilege, and said that Turks living in Macedonia had the right to Turkish education in 1944, and this became fixed in the constitution after independence in 1991.

Speaker of the Parliament Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, in his speech that started by conveying the greetings of the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, emphasized the importance of Turkish and Turkish education, and underlined that the official celebration of the Turkish community in North Macedonia on the 21st of December Turkish Day is a valuable achievement for the unity of the Turkish community. Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop said, “We are a nation thanks to our Turkish and we have existed together with our Turkish throughout history. As long as we have existed, we have seen and experienced that Turkish is a language of peace. It will continue to be the language of peace from now on.” He pointed to the meaning of Turkish in the region with his expressions.

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