How is Baby Food Prepared, How Many Hours Is It Given?
The question of how to prepare ready-made baby food is a subject that is very curious, especially by mothers who have just given birth. Because the fact that the milk seems to be low right after the birth pushes the mothers to use ready-made formula. However, it should be noted that newborn baby foods can only be used with the advice of a doctor. Because, although the milk that comes after birth may seem less to the mothers, it is often enough for the stomach capacity of the babies. As a matter of fact, if there is no deficiency in the baby’s weight gain and he soils his diaper 4-5 times a day, it will be pointless to use ready-made formula. In the article we have prepared for you, we have compiled topics such as in which cases formula is used, how to make ready-made formula for newborns, how many hours to give formula.

In Which Situations Is Ready Food Used?
While starting formula is a decision that should be taken only by the physician, the use of ready-made formula is unfortunately very common in our country. One of the main reasons for this is the interpretation that every cry of the baby is hungry. However, it should be noted that newborn babies do not cry only when hungry; gas pain, dirty gold and many other situations can be the reason for crying. However, if the baby cries, families may panic and think that they are hungry and decide to start formula immediately. However, whether the baby is full or not can be understood by controlling the weight gain and looking at the frequency of soiling the diaper.

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