Amusement parks have been serving in our country for many years. In ancient times, there were various mechanisms for children to have fun in amusement parks. Today, however, there are adrenaline-charged mechanisms that can be used by people of all ages. People also have a good time using these machines with short-term excitement and fear. Gondolas in amusement parks are one of the most widely used mechanisms. Gondolas are preferred in most amusement parks because they are more economical than other professional machines. For this reason, it can be shown as a very common activity among people. Considering the damages of the gondola, people learn about many items. In addition, in the area where the gondola rides, the damages are clearly stated to the people. However, people do not take these damages into account too much in order to experience the adrenaline at that moment and spend a different time.

What Are the Damages of Gondola?

The risk of the gondola falling: The gondola, which is connected to a certain mechanism, moves quickly in one direction. Although various precautions are taken, it may break or dislodge at any time since it is made of a mechanical mechanism. In this case, while people are injured, results that can lead to death may occur.
Risk of falling people: There is a high risk of falling because people’s bodies are parallel to the ground while the gondola is swinging. Although there are protective irons in front of them, people’s bodies can get rid of these irons. In this case, people who fall to the ground from a very high point may cause fractures in different parts of the body and may result in death.
Headache: Severe headache may occur, especially in people who ride the gondola more than once in the same day. Headache can be shown as the most common problem among the damages of the gondola. It is recommended that migraine patients do not ride the gondola.

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