Starting in September, the electricity bills of government institutions will be made public on the 15th of each month. The aim will not only be to give citizens an idea of ​​consumption, but also to show whether the government is complying with its obligations to save up to 15 percent. The reports of the institutions on the consumed electricity will be published by the Ministry of Economy. Making a statement on the subject, Minister of Economy Kreşnik Bekteşi said, “The public will have information about which institution consumes how much electricity. Each month, check the government agencies to see the comparison.
Consumption reports for both the current year and the previous year will be published. Managers will be responsible for the measures, but the public will also have access, that is, insight into consumption. So we will see how managers behave. If institutions do not follow and implement savings suggestions of up to 15%, they will suffer the consequences.”

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