Hz. The Seal or Seal of Solomon is a miraculous seal attributed to the prophet Solomon. Prophet Solomon used this seal as a ring. On the ring, there is a six-pointed star consisting of two interlocking triangles, one inverted and one straight. Although the original state of the seal is not known exactly, this hexagonal symbol is accepted as Solomon’s seal today.

Hz. The secret of the seal of Solomon is very meaningful and special. It is believed that this ring signifies the union of heaven and earth. It also represents both material and spiritual integrity. This symbol has been used as a talisman in various places in the Islamic world throughout history. It is a Rahmani symbol used especially by Muslims in the past.


It is believed that the seal of Prophet Solomon is from heaven. It was first brought to Prophet David by Gabriel by the order of Allah. Prophet David was a prophet and ruler from the Children of Israel. He asked his sons ten wise questions. Only Prophet Solomon was able to give the answers, and thus the Prophet Solomon’s Ring was inherited from father to son.

There is a prayer for the seal of Prophet Solomon that only certain people and angels know. For this reason, as it is written in the Qur’an, the Prophet Solomon was granted a sultanate that would not be granted to anyone. He was able to rule even jinn, winds and animals. In this way, he became a very powerful ruler-prophet.

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