William Ruto became the country’s 5th President after the elections held in Kenya on 9 August.

The Kenya Election Commission announced that Vice President William Ruto received 50.49 percent of the vote, and opposition candidate Raila Odinga 48.85 percent in the presidential election.

Ruto will be sworn in on August 30th if one of the candidates does not object.

On the other hand, Azimio Coalition, which supported Odinga in the parliamentary elections, won a majority with 162 deputies, while Ruto’s coalition Kenya Kwanza was able to obtain 159 seats.

12 seats were filled by independent candidates, elections for 4 seats were postponed.

While Kenyans were eagerly waiting for the vote counting, which lasted for days, there were concerns that the election would lead to violent incidents as in previous elections.

It is not yet known whether Odinga, who is running for the Presidency for the 5th time in this election, will object to the election results.

Election commission split in two in Kenya
In Kenya, the election commission tasked with announcing the country’s new president today differed.

Juliana Cherera, Deputy Chair of the Kenya Election Commission, told the press that they did not own the results of the 9 August election, which was announced today, on the grounds that they were “not transparent”.

The announcement came just as the commission was expected to announce the election results.

It was reported that 4 of the commission members did not accept the election results.

On the other hand, there was a short-term brawl in the hall where the results were announced.

Ruto declared election commission “hero”
The newly elected President of Kenya, William Ruto, stated that the election commission changed the whole game by publishing all the ballot box minutes and said that the chairman of the commission was a hero.

Ruto, who took the chair of the presidency with 50.49 of the votes in the elections, praised the efforts of the election commission in his speech after the results were announced.

Describing Kenya Election Commission Chairman Wafula Chebukati as a “hero”, Ruto stated that the commission changed the whole game by publishing all the ballot box minutes online without telling anyone.

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