The Swiss government announced that it will return US$131 million belonging to Gülnara Karimova, the daughter of former Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov, which it seized as part of the money laundering investigation. In the written statement, it was stated that an agreement was reached between the two states for “the transfer of the money seized in 2012 belonging to Kerimova to the trust fund of the United Nations (UN) to be used for the benefit of the Uzbek people”.
After meeting with Uzbekistan Minister of Justice Ruslanbek Devletov, Swiss Confederation President Ignazio Cassis, who shared on his social media account, said, “The returned assets will contribute to the sustainable development goals in Uzbekistan thanks to the productive cooperation of the UN, Switzerland and Uzbekistan. ” said. Within the scope of the agreement, it was decided to transfer other assets in Switzerland that could be confiscated belonging to Karimova to the UN trust fund.

Bank accounts that could be linked to Karimova were frozen
Switzerland seized the money from the suspects’ bank accounts within the scope of the money laundering investigation launched in July 2012 against Kerimova and 5 unnamed Uzbek citizens, and in August 2015, it decided to freeze the bank accounts suspected of having a connection with Kerimova.

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