EastEnders soap opera actress Rose Ayling Ellis introduced the first hearing aid Barbie dolls.

Ellis, 27, who is also deaf from birth, became the first deaf competitor to win the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ competition in 2021.

Ellis posed with the vitiligo-stricken Ken doll from the latest collection, along with other dolls in a wheelchair and prosthetic legs.

Ellis said in a statement that it is very important for children to see that they represent themselves in the toys they play. In addition, he said he is excited that the California-based Mattel toy company is producing more dolls where children can embrace their differences.

The company consulted experts on how to accurately depict the hearing aid before producing the toy.

Rosie Eggleston, of the London-based National Deaf Children’s Association, said the association is delighted that such a baby has been produced, and that it can help them feel proud of their deafness and talk to their friends about what it’s really like to be deaf.

Barbie last month, Anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall introduced her baby and released the Queen’s baby in April.

From Thursday, people will be able to purchase Barbie Fashionistas collection dolls in the UK.

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