The master actor Halil Ergün, who played the character of Ali Rıza Bey in the Yaprak Dökümü series, known as one of the legendary productions of the Turkish TV series industry, announced his will. Stating that he does not want a funeral ceremony after his death, Ergün said, “This is my will (ceremony) I do not want. Of course, there are many sincere people, they are affected. I also went to the funerals of many of our dear friends, brothers, and people I respect. But I am talking about a general culture. That is, performing a duty. “I see that there is something going on at the point. No one is in charge of my death. We will be remembered no matter how long we are remembered,” he said.

Stating that he wants to be buried in the family cemetery, Ergün said, “I look at life very locally. Iznik is a handful. My family cemetery is also there. I want to be buried there. I witness a lot there. A formal thing is applied, the same thing is done in front of the parliament, like formal things. Behind the coffins of the dead. The one who sighs comes. Let me tell you something, there are 40 serious awards in my house, if you come, you will see. There are dozens of them from abroad and within the country. You know, I did not receive a congratulatory phone call even for a day, from my friends, from my environment. However, some people from the place where I received an award at the festival If so, they said, ‘Congratulations.’ I witnessed a lot. We go to funerals, I watch the speeches. Funeral prayers are held, you can take them. Women do not come. Look, now he is giving a fatwa again. “Women will not come to the funeral.”

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