Junk foods; They are foods that have low nutritional value and contain high calories, invite diseases such as heart disease, allergies, diabetes, cancer, especially obesity, are not recommended to be consumed excessively, but are consumed uncontrolled and unconsciously.

Those who consume these products in televisions, school canteens, advertisements, markets, streets and parks, friends who love junk food, maybe mothers and fathers who ban junk food to their children but consume it themselves, or family elders who cannot stand the tears of their grandchildren, unfortunately, cause an increase in the consumption of junk food.

The most effective way to keep your child away from junk food is to not give him this habit. In fact, we allow them, even for small amounts, and even buy them ourselves, and then we become uncomfortable when they like junk food and make it a habit. Isn’t it unfair to our children to introduce these products first and then expect them to give up? In order to give our child the right healthy eating habits, we also need to eat properly at home and set an example for him. If we consistently offer healthy foods to our children, and if we reflect the awareness of healthy eating at home to our family table, we can raise our children’s awareness of the harms of junk food without perceiving it as a rule or prohibition and without feeling pressured. The important thing is to make them aware of the harms of junk food.


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