According to which criteria should the selection of toys be made?
Why are toy cars and dolls important?

According to child development, toys are divided into four groups as follows:

Toys that help physical and muscle development: Cubes, puzzles, boxes, plastic shovels, buckets, hammers, etc.
Toys that open the five senses: Toys played in water, play dough, toys used in painting and sand.
Toys that help imagination and social development: Dolls, clothes, kitchen utensils, cars, trucks, books, etc.
Toys that encourage creativity: Painting tools and materials, play dough, blocks, books, etc.
How to choose toys according to age?
Choice of toys for babies

0-6 months: In the first two months of infancy, hearing is more dominant than vision. In this respect, soft-sounding toys, musical toys that can be hung on the headboards, musical books and rattles are more suitable and attract more attention of babies. After the 2nd month, the sense of sight develops. Thus, bright or contrasting colored ones will be more interesting.
7-12 months: Babies grow and move from the 6th month. They can turn, sit, or even crawl. By the age of one, they begin to line up and walk. In this age group, toys with wheels such as babies, wooden cars, wagons, toys played in water are more suitable. In addition, plastic or wooden cubes, small colored balls and large piece puzzles are recommended for building towers.
Above 1 year: Most children start walking or even climbing from the age of 1. From this age on, children’s perception of reality is more developed. For them, it would be good to choose lifelike plastic animals, dolls, vehicles, ones that they can lift and roll.
Choice of toys for children

Above 2 years: After the age of 2, children become more active. More jumps, climbs, hangs. They are more willing to experience physical activities. From this age on, due to the motor development of children, puzzles with 4-12 pieces, those that can be broken down and put together, figures of fairy tale heroes attract more attention. Toys that are suitable for their size, that they can push, furniture, tool bags, those that can be played in the sand and water, coloring books and paints are the ones they are most interested in.
3-6 years: Between this age, children start to wonder, ask questions and talk more. They are also more curious about collecting and hoarding. They like collecting and collecting some toys and objects and they feel more special. 12-20 piece puzzles, models made by combining them such as legos, tools to help carry things, cubes, musical instruments, chalkboards and various paint sets are the toys of this age.
Toy eggs can be dangerous!
Safety is very important in selection. It is inconvenient for children under the age of 3 to play with small pieces such as toy eggs. Parents should definitely be with the children while playing in the water or in activities such as trombone and swing. It is very important for children to play, run and climb outdoors. But it is recommended that they do this in the presence of adults.


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