Baruş, who is also the Chairman of the Provincial Promotion and Development Board, continued as follows:

“Our Ministry of Culture and Tourism is making great efforts to promote the country’s tourism in the best way. The Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), operating under our Ministry, has established provincial promotion and development boards to carry out promotional activities on a country and city basis in a more professional and coordinated manner. As Malatya province, we continue to work in cooperation with TGA Our Ministry and TGA give us great support to promote Malatya’s values.

As a matter of fact, at the dinner organized after the Oscar Awards ceremony with the initiatives of TGA, world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck included two flavors from our cuisine, apricot dessert with cream and Black Sea pita. Puck filled the dried apricots with a special cream and pistachio and served it to the world-famous guests.”

Stating that Chef Puck’s inclusion of apricot on the menu gives a good promotion opportunity, Baruş noted that they will invite Puck to Malatya and that they will be able to see the taste of Malatya dishes and fruits on the spot.

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