Muslim poets from the first periods of Islam, Hz. He produced works expressing the love and admiration they felt for the Prophet and honoring him. Among the Islamic literatures, the most mawlids were written in Turkish literature.”

The oldest known copy of Süleyman Çelebi’s Vesîletü’n-Necât, popularly known as ‘Mevlid’, has been found in the library of the University of Michigan in the USA.

The determination process of the work, its content, and Süleyman Çelebi’s poems other than Mevlid, which were reached for the first time, were presented to Istanbul Kültür University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Köksal and Atatürk University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Rıfat Kütük shared with TRT Haber.

They were aiming to reach a copy of Vesîletü’n-Necât close to its author.

Stating that as a result of the researches, they had the opportunity to review hundreds of copies of mawlids in domestic and foreign libraries, Prof. Koksal and Prof. Kütük underlined that they are trying to obtain digital images of what they consider important.

Mr. Köksal and Kütük pointed out that reaching a copy of Vesîletü’n-Necât close to its author is among the aims of their research and explains the reason with the following words:

“Because the oldest known copy of the work, which is undoubtedly one of the most important texts in Turkish, and whose original name is almost forgotten among the people, and which is known by the common name ‘Mevlid’, was about a hundred years after the work was copyrighted. Naturally, this wide time span prevented the creation of a healthy text of Mevlid.”

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