The results of the Turkey-wide E-Learning Perception Survey conducted by the International Education platform Laba with NielsenIQ Turkey Research Company in 2022 have been announced. According to the research conducted with participants between the ages of 21-45 who have an active business life and receive online education, it is seen that the rate of online education has increased by 54 percent after the pandemic, while 72 percent of the participants who stated that they have recently purchased online education related to the business world. He says it’s getting old fast.

The Laba survey revealed that only 50 percent of respondents found a University degree sufficient for their intended career. 54 percent of the participants think that university education will be effective in starting their own business and earning a lot, and half of them say that they definitely want to work in the field they studied at the university, even if they know that they will earn less money. The leading factor among the reasons for preferring online education is that it contributes to the career with a rate of 59 percent. The rate of those who prefer online training to contribute to their personal development stands out as 57 percent. The rate of participants who take online training just because they want to learn new things is 50 percent. The most important factor in choosing online education is the quality of the instructor with 59 percent.


When the participants are asked how often they prefer to receive training on the business world, 15 percent answer once every 2 weeks, 10 percent once every 3 weeks, and 15 percent once a month. When an evaluation is made for all participants, it is noteworthy that an average person purchases online training 9 times a year. On the other hand, 31% of the participants state that they prefer to buy online education mostly during the winter season. The rate of participants stating that their online education preferences are not dependent on the season is 29 percent.

For the participants, the support of the company that they work or will work in the future for online education is of great importance. 84% of the respondents stated that online training encourages innovation, while 82% of them state that they increase work efficiency. The rate of participation regarding the preference of educational opportunities in job selection is 84 percent. On the other hand, 88% of the participants think that planning special trainings for their employees will increase motivation.

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