Two world-famous stars were included in the team during the transfer process in Galatasaray. It was revealed that Yunus Akgün received an offer of 7 million 500 thousand euros during the process of continuing the work of the staff in the Super League giant.


It was learned that in the period when the transfer process accelerated among the yellow-red people, he aspired to Yunus Akgün. For the 22-year-old football player, the MLS team stepped in.

It turned out that the MLS team Los Angeles FC aspires to the young football player of the yellow-red people. For the testimonial of the 22-year-old football player, it was stated that the MLS representative sent a transfer offer of 7 million 500 thousand euros to Galatasaray. It was emphasized that Yunus Akgün’s proposal for a 25 percent share from the next sale was presented to the Super League giant.


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