The public transport network of the Metropolitan Municipality, which includes London subways, buses and trains, decided in 2019 not to include advertisements for unhealthy, junk food on its boards.

Now, in a study by leading scientists, it is claimed that 100 thousand cases of obesity have been prevented thanks to this ban. But could this be true? How was it measured? What did the ban cover?

In 2019, the City of London decided not to post advertisements for foods high in sugar, fat or too salty on boards across the entire public transport network.

Food companies, restaurants, ready-to-eat meals and take-out service providers would be able to advertise only their healthier products in these areas, not their brands in general.

The aim, in the words of the Mayor of London, was to “fight the problem of obesity, which is spreading in children”. It received 82 percent support when the public was consulted before it was implemented.


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