Kosovo Interior Minister Jalal Sveçla announced that they declared Russian journalist Darya Aslamova “persona non grata” on the grounds that he “spied for Russian military intelligence”.

Minister Sveçla made a statement on her social media account; He emphasized that they declared the Russian citizen Aslamova persona non grata and that this decision was taken within the scope of the Foreigners Law.

Stating that Aslamova was banned from entering Kosovo for a period of 5 years, Sveçla said, “Anyone who tries to destabilize our country with certain aims or directives will undoubtedly face the laws of Kosovo.”

Sveçla said that Aslamova “has been working under the guise of a journalist and has been spying for Russian military intelligence” by many countries.

Aslamova was detained yesterday by Kosovo security forces at the border crossing where she came to enter Kosovo.

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