The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that health services may stop within 48 hours due to the electricity shortage in Gaza, which is under blockade, where Israel’s attacks continue.

The only power plant in the south of Gaza, where the embargo was intensified after Israel’s attack on Friday, was closed for 12 hours on Saturday due to fuel shortages. The power plant has announced that it will make power cuts of up to eight hours a day. Gaza Electric Company had announced that if the fuel did not come, the power plant would be shut down completely.
The death toll rose to 32
In a written statement made by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, it was shared that the number of deaths increased to 32 and the number of injured to 275 in the ongoing attacks of Israel on the Gaza Strip on the third day. As a result of the rockets fired from Gaza, there has been no loss of life on the Israeli side yet.

It was also during this period that the fuel reaching the blockaded Gaza, whose entrances were controlled by Israel, was cut off.


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