In recent days, many women in Iran take off their headscarves both indoors and in public places, and share their photos and videos on social media, in response to the tightening clothing laws.

Explaining why she protested in a video she shot herself on social media, a woman said, “No to the compulsory headscarf! I went to work today without covering my head to say no to the rules. Our dream is to be able to wear whatever we want freely.”

Human rights defenders in Iran invited women from all over the country to take off their headscarves and share their videos on the “Hijab and Chastity” day announced by the government on July 12.

Dozens of women responded positively to the call for action by rights defenders, despite the Sharia laws, which have been more tightly regulated by the government and fines and prison sentences for women who do not wear headscarves.

All over Iran, women shared videos of them without headscarves in parks, on the streets and at the seaside, some women were seen wearing shorts and T-shirts.

In one of the videos watched and shared by thousands of people, a woman suddenly takes off her headscarf while walking on the beach, throws it on the ground and walks away after stepping on it. The slogan “No means no. We say no to the headscarf” received great attention on social media by activists, journalists and some political dissidents.

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