In Croatia, the production of Euro coins began at a mint near the capital, Zagreb. Last week in Brussels, upon the officialization that Croatia will switch to the Euro, the common currency within the European Union (EU), on 1 January 2023; The ceremony was held as part of the Euro coin minting, which was launched at the mint near the capital, Zagreb.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, who attended the ceremony, stated that the production of coins was the beginning of the transition to the Euro zone and said, “The Croatian Mint was founded in 1993. This institution, which plays an important role in the formation of our identity, will also produce the Euro coin in the days when its establishment approaches its 30th anniversary.” .

Pointing out that his country will be among the important EU countries in 2023, Plenkovic said that they will continue to work with great devotion. Croatian Central Bank President Boris Vujcic also stated that the mint will issue 420 million coins by the end of the year and said, “Our goal is to launch 3,700 tons of coins.”
It has been reported that the coins to be produced in Croatia will include a country map, letters HR and figures such as scientist Nikola Tesla. (AA)

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