Research by Biontech and Pfizer showed that the reminder dose is necessary for protection against the Omicron variant. Accordingly, the reminder dose increases the antibody degree by 25 times. The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the German Biontech announced that the mRNA-based vaccine they produced against Covid-19 provides protection against the new coronavirus variant Omicron from the third dose.

In the joint statement made by the two companies, it was stated that the effect of the vaccine was low after the second dose, according to studies. Provisional laboratory investigations showed that two doses of the vaccine had a low degree of neutralization against Omicron, according to the statement. However, it is estimated that even two doses of vaccine will prevent the disease from progressing severely. Studies have revealed that three doses of vaccine can neutralize the variant. Studies have also shown that compared to two doses of vaccine, the reminder dose increased the degree of antibodies that indicate immunity to the disease by 25 times.

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