Neo-Nazi website does not have protection of key tech firm

Another important tech company has cut ties with neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.

Internet firm Cloudflare said Wednesday it has terminated The Daily Stormer’s account, which means it won’t protect the site from cyberattacks that could cause it to go down.

The Daily Stormer site has already been dumped by the web-hosting services of GoDaddy(GDDY) and Google (GOOGL, Tech30) this week after it published a derogatory story aboutHeather Heyer, who was killed while protesting against a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

Cutting off The Daily Stormer is a big deal for Cloudflare, which had long resisted calls to do so. The company had insisted it remained neutral about the content on the sites that used its services.

But Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said in a blog post that claims that the tech company secretly supported The Daily Stormer were the last straw.

“Like a lot of people, we’ve felt angry at these hateful people for a long time but we have followed the law and remained content neutral as a network,” he said. “We could not remain neutral after these claims of secret support by Cloudflare.”

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