What are the influences of political interests on Inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia?

 As an multi ethnic country Macedonia,  faces with many type of different ethnic  issues. The mains reason of ethnical issue is Inter-ethnic relation in Macedonia. The relations were problematic since declaration of the republic of Macedonia. Because, especially, after the inter-ethnic conflict in 2001 nationalism  increased rapidly. After the conflict the division between different ethnic groups deepened.  Also in these days unsolved issue and division between communities are still running. The last tension between policemen and protesters and the violence between pupils  demonstrate that there is no valuable initiative to solve problems and the level of improvement about inter-ethnic relation in Macedonia. But, the multi ethnic construction of population is not the only reason which led people to do so. Politicians and their politic interest play an important role in this process.

The Local elections are approaching. The local elections are a vital indicator for the general elections. Because, the results of local elections are going to determine the potential political parties or movements which will come in into power in the future. Due to that, all political parties are using their forces and political methods to get municipalities in Macedonia. Mostly the methods which are mostly used by           politicians are very dangerous. In order to get votes from voters and to get more political support politicians use the most appropriate mean, which has negative impact on stabilization of the republic of Macedonia. Because, multi-ethnic population of Macedonia is fragile and it can be influenced quickly by the ethnic tension. Although, they are aware the negative effects of nationalism are known, they are using it as a tool to achieve political goals.

Everyone must be careful what they say and what they do. This should be known that people in Macedonia want peace, stability and employment. The people get tired of instability, tension and economical turmoil. In order to fulfill the peoples’ demands government and politicians must take more serious responsible than before. Besides, the way to fulfill the demands of people and responsible are reducing the tension as much as possible. In addition they should take an important step. The first step is opening an emergency dialog platform  among different ethnic groups in Macedonia. This dialog platform must be based on the sincerness. The second one is adding a new lessons or methods to education in Macedonia which is going to help to give new approaches to students.

Consiquently, Macedonia needs a fresh and peaceful air in these days. The people who live in, they should be kept away from the inter-ethnic tension.  It should be known that the more tension in Macedonia cause more insatiability and INFELICITY/DISATISFACTION. Because of that, immediately, in order to supply an peaceful environment. This is indispensable thing for the people of the republic of the Macedonia. 

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